Verse Daily Features

  • Four days after Mother’s Day,” August 24, 2018 (from Full Worm Moon)
  • Clifton Gorge,” September 4, 2013 (from Particular Scandals) *This poem was also featured on Poetry Daily, but since PD’s archives only cover one year, it’s no longer accessible there.
  • Joy,” September 11, 2011 (from Slipping Out of Bloom)

Other Features

  • “Recovery,” Poem of the Week, The Missouri Review Online (January 23, 2011)
  • Many Poems featured on Your Daily Poem. The poems can be read in YDR archives
  • “Full Thunder Moon” featured on Image Journal‘s Good Letters Poetry Friday blog, with reflection written by poet Tania Runyan (my poem originally appeared in Issue 88 of Image)

Antiracist Poems (Black Lives Matter!)

The Prophetess Poems

Other Poems Online


Online Reviews of My Books

Interviews Online


Other Sites of Interest

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